Duke-Elders Practice Refraction,
Edition 1
By David Abrams, DM, FRCS, FCOphth

Publication Date: 01 Jul 1993
About the author
By David Abrams, DM, FRCS, FCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Royal Free Hospital and the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, London
Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION; the clinical importance of refraction; REFRACTION AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE EYE; the principles of refraction - general optics; the refraction of the eye - physiological optics; CLINICAL ANOMALIES; part 1: refractive errors. hypermetropia; myopia; astigmatism; sphakia and psyeudophakia; changes in refraction; part 2: accommodation and its disturbances. accommodation; prsbyopia; anomalies of accommodation; part 3: binocular vision and its anomalies. binocular optical defects - anisometropia; binocular optical defects - aniseikonia; binocoular msucular co-ordination - orthophoria; binocular muscular anomalies - heterophoria; binocular muscular anomalies - heteroptropia; binocular muscular co-ordination - convergence; binocular muscular anomalies - anomalies of convergence and other reading difficulties; CLINICAL INVESTIGATION; the place of refraction in general ophthalmological examination; visual acuity;objective methods of refraction; subjective verification of the refraction, and testing of muscle balance; the prescription of spectacles; OPTICAL APPLIANCES; the making and fitting of spectacles; contact lenses; visual aids; APPENDICES; INDEX.INTRODUCTION; REFRACTION AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE EYE; CLINICAL ANOMALIES; CLINICAL INVESTIGATION; OPTICAL APPLIANCES; APPENDICES; INDEX.
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