Netter’s Histology: An Instant Review - First South Asia Edition,
Edition 1
By William K. Ovalle, PhD

Publication Date: 30 Sep 2014

This book is a comprehensive collection of memorable diagrams to facilitate learning and supplement standard histology textbooks and atlases used in contemporary courses, including Netter's Essential Histology, 2nd Edition.

Key Features

  • Contains over 200 concise images highlighting microscopic features of cells, tissues and organs of the body
  • Helps in recognizing and interpreting microscopic sections at a glance
  • Reinforces knowledge of the clinical relevance of histological structures and their function
About the author
By William K. Ovalle, PhD, University of British Columbia, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Table of Contents

Section 1: Cells and Tissues

1. The Cell

2. Epithelium and Exocrine Glands

3. Connective Tissue

4. Muscle Tissue

5. Nervous Tissue

6. Cartilage and Bone

7. Blood and Bone Marrow

Section 2: Systems

8. Cardiovascular System

9. Lymphoid System

10. Endocrine System

11. Integumentary System

12. Upper Digestive System

13. Lower Digestive System

14. Liver, Gallbladder, and Exocrine Pancreas

15. Respiratory System

16. Urinary System

17. Male Reproductive System

18. Female Reproductive System

19. Eye and Adnexa

20. Special Senses

Book details
ISBN: 9788131240021
Page Count: 472
Illustrations : 300 illustrations (100 in full color)
Retail Price : £19.00