Textbook of Nursing Education,
Edition 1
By Latha Venkatesan and Poonam Joshi

Publication Date: 31 Oct 2015

It was a long-time desire of nursing fraternity to have a textbook on nursing education that has the content for all the units of the INC-prescribed syllabus. This book pointedly deals with all the contents specified by the INC curriculum. The book has been written keeping in mind the requirements of the modern Indian nurse educators—what they need to know and practice in the classroom. This book provides comprehensive study material and practice exercises on Nursing Education the way it is used in day-to-day conversations in the hospital environment.

Key Features

• Comprehensive, exhaustive and well-structured coverage
• Lucid presentation with easy language for ease of comprehension
• Practical approach with relevant theoretical perspectives answering common questions and issues that arise while learning the subject
• Ample number of examples, tables and other learning aids
• All the essential elements of communication in modern-day nursing practice like nursing reports, records, etc., discussed, analysed and exemplified
• Examples from real-life health care communications provided
• Exhaustive end-of-chapter exercises
• Solutions for all objective type exercises given
About the author
By Latha Venkatesan and Poonam Joshi
Table of Contents

Preface v

Acknowledgments vi

Chapter 1. Introduction to Education 1

Chapter 2. Teaching–Learning Process 29

Chapter 3. Instructional Methods and Media 90

Chapter 4. Measurement and Evaluation 118

Chapter 5. Assessment in Nursing Education 133

Chapter 6. Assembling, Administrating, Scoring, and Reporting a Test 172

Chapter 7. Standardized Tools/Tests 179

Chapter 8. Teacher Education and Preparation 189

Chapter 9. Women Education 199

Chapter 10. Adult Education 205

Chapter 11. Professional and Technical Education 214

Chapter 12. Nursing Education Programme 221

Chapter 13. Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) 237

Chapter 14. Curriculum Development 279

Chapter 15. Administration of Nursing Curriculum 332

Chapter 16. Teacher Preparation 381

Chapter 17. Guidance and Counselling 414

Chapter 18. Management of Nursing Educational Institutions 469

Chapter 19. Standards and Accreditation 506

Index 560

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Page Count: 580
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