Orban's Oral Histology & Embryology,
Edition 14
By G. S. Kumar

Publication Date: 17 Aug 2015

First published in 1944, Orban's Oral Histology and Embryology has become the classic text for successive generations of dental students. While retaining the same fundamentals and lucid writing style, this book reflects the current advances and latest curriculum offered in Indian universities. In the fourteenth edition, all the chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated discussing biological aspects of oral tissues and emphasizing the clinical relevance of oral histological aspects.

Key Features

  • Molecular Events in Oral Histology is now available as an online supplement (resources.clinicallearning.com )
  • Practical supplement with photomicrographs and pencil diagrams of photographed field
  • All the line illustrations have been modified and poor quality photographs replaced with improved ones for better understanding of the subject

New Features

  • New chapter on Age Changes in Oral Tissues
  • More/ improved color illustrations
  • Summary with subheadings for quick review

  • More text boxes and flowcharts incorporated to highlight important concepts and for ease of understanding subject matter
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By G. S. Kumar
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