Health Care Reforms in India,
Edition 1 Making up for the Lost Decades
By Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Publication Date: 19 Jan 2016
Entertaining, provocative, lively, well-written text, which is must read for people who are passionate to drive change in health care.

Key Features

• Well- researched book on health care reforms that captures wealth of insights, serving as comprehensive source of up-to-date information and facts
• Offers interesting insights into the health of India’'s population and makes a passionate appeal for political priority to be given to universal health coverage and for an upstream pre-emptive approach to health 
• Contains thought provoking ideas and reform proposals, which are of global relevance
• Must read for everyone interested in the Health Care System of India
About the author
By Rajendra Pratap Gupta
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ISBN: 9788131243343
Page Count: 466
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