New Edition
Psychiatry for Beginners,
Edition 1
By Ravi Gupta

Publication Date: 30 May 2016

This book has been designed for the beginners in Psychiatry. It is based upon the current knowledge regarding Psychiatric disorders and unfolds the neuro-scientific foundation of the symptoms and their management. Chapters are clubbed into sections, and each section represents a super-specialty in the field of Psychiatry. Then it goes to the next level of organization. Disorders that share some common features are grouped into one chapter. Each chapter begins with the basic concept that ties all the disorders described in that chapter to reduce the burden on your memory.

Key Features

  • As you do in the clinics, each chapter starts with a clinical vignette and then discusses the clinical features of other disorders falling in the same group.
  • Pathophysiology is depicted with the help of diagrams so as to improve your understanding.
  • In addition to differential diagnosis, a section of diagnostic fallacies has been given.
  • This book is based upon the DSM-5 criteria, which makes it useful for the students appearing in USMLE examination. However, for students from other countries a comparison between DSM-5 and ICD-10 has been provided.
  • This book comes with complimentary access to enhanced e-book with digital assets:

    • University and PG exam patterned MCQs
    • Important case discussions
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By Ravi Gupta
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