Clinical Examination in Ophthalmology,
Edition 2
By P. K. Mukherjee

Publication Date: 28 May 2016
Revised and updated version of the last edition keeping its clear and systematic style intact with complimentary access to e-book with digital resources like MCQs, videos, animations

Key Features

• A new chapter on Nystagmus
• Revised & updated topics enriched with additional photographs, figures and diagrams
• Many disorders that were listed just by name in the last edition have been given small description for ready reference.
• Complimentary access to e-book with digital resources:
   o University and PGMEE patterned MCQs
   o Procedure videos and animations
• In-depth discussion of signs, symptoms and history taking
• Practical tips and points useful in day-to-day clinical practice
• Highlights applied anatomical and physiological principles underlining each procedure
• Systematic presentation of information – each chapter devoted to specific system of eye  
About the author
By P. K. Mukherjee
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