Textbook of Public Health Dentistry,
Edition 3
By S. S. Hiremath

Publication Date: 12 Sep 2016

The third edition of the book is thoroughly updated and presented in new four-colour format. Based on the syllabus prescribed by Dental Council of India, the book covers various aspects of public health, dental public health, preventive dentistry, social sciences and research methodology through simple presentations of the content. The book is specifically designed to cater the needs of undergraduate students, would also be useful for postgraduate students and academicians.

Key Features

Salient Features

  • Provides comprehensive elucidation of Public Health Dentistry covering from the very basics to current understanding of the discipline
  • Categorization of chapters in sections helps to provide continuity and clarity to the readers
  • Thoroughly updated chapters on infection control in Dental Setting, Forensic Dentistry, Hospital Administration, Occupational Hazards, Nutrition And Oral Health, Minimal Invasive Dentistry, National Oral Health Policy, Global Perspective of Fluorides and Dental Practice Management

  • Contemporary issues are highlighted with more organized and rational description
  • Includes some useful information like facts about tobacco, fluorides and clinical cases proforma separately under the Appendices

Additional Features

Complimentary access to enhanced e-book for digital assets:

    • Procedural videos
    • Lecture notes on important topics

New Features

New to This Edition

  • Includes new chapter on Primary Oral Health Care Program
  • Addition of many new figures, tables, flowcharts to facilitate greater retention of knowledge
About the author
By S. S. Hiremath
Table of Contents


1 Concepts of Health and Disease and

Prevention, 3

Manjunath P Puranik

Introduction, 3

Changing Concepts of Health, 3

Defi nitions of Health, 4

Dimensions of Health, 4

Concept of Wellbeing, 5

Spectrum of Health, 5

Determinants of Health, 5

Responsibility for Health, 7

Indicators of Health, 7

Health Service Philosophies, 9

Concept of Disease, 11

Concept of Causation, 11

Natural History of Disease, 12

Disease Classifi cation, 13

Changing Pattern of Disease, 13

Community Diagnosis and Treatment, 13

Concepts of Control, 14

Concepts of Prevention, 14

Modes of Intervention, 15

2 General Epidemiology, 17


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