Medical-Surgical Nursing Care Planning Resource, First South Asia Edition,
Edition 1
Edited by Malarvizhi S.

Publication Date: 21 Jun 2017

This book has been scientifically designed and meticulously written, keeping in view the latest advances in the care of patients with medical-surgical conditions. Every attempt has been made to maintain simplicity and lucidity of language and style, so that the students can grasp the subject matter very clearly and easily. Chapters have been written to provide information for nursing students and nurses, with latest trends in medical-surgical nursing and nursing management.

Key Features

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care Planning Resource, First South Asia Edition, stands out for the following features:

Nursing Process Application: It provides ready help for students and nurses to apply nursing process for patients with medical-surgical conditions.

Concise yet Comprehensive: An overview of each disease condition with assessment, diagnostic tests, nursing care plan and discharge/follow-up plan are highlighted in brief manner, which would enable the learner to study this book with great interest.

Structured and Illustrated: Contents are optimally structured and supported with neat tables, flow charts and illustrations.

Simple and Clear: Simplified nursing care plans would enable the students or nurses to comprehend the content in an easy manner.

Updated with Latest Trends and Advancements: Latest trends and advancements are updated appropriately for each medical-surgical condition.

About the author
Edited by Malarvizhi S.
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ISBN: 9788131247440
Page Count: 626
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