Medical Physiology for Undergraduate Students,
Edition 2
By Indu Khurana

Publication Date: 28 Jul 2018
Encouraged by the response to the first edition, this edition highlights the essential and relevant content of physiology with complete and balanced exposition of text with absolute clarity. With the balanced amalgamation of pure and applied text, authors aspire it to be an indispensable text for undergraduates and an authentic reference source for candidates preparing for PG entrance.

Key Features

• Complete and up-to-date text with recent advances incorporated
• Illustrated by more than 1000 clear line diagrams
• Complemented with numerous tables and flowcharts for quick comprehension
• Balanced amalgamation of pure and applied text
• Highlights applied aspects of physiology in separate boxes
• Systematic organization of text to facilitate easy review
• Additional important information has been highlighted in the form of “Important Notes¿
About the author
By Indu Khurana
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ISBN: 9788131250037
Page Count: 938
Retail Price : £49.03
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