Surgery for Medical Graduates,
Edition 1
By Sudhir Jain and Raman Tanwar

Publication Date: 31 Aug 2018

Surgery for Medical Graduates is a concise yet comprehensive compilation of surgical diseases and their management. The book covers common surgical conditions in a crisp and condensed form that serves as a capsule for detailed coverage and revision.

Key Features

• Bulleted content to comprehensively cover theory in a short span of time.

• Designed to make multiple revisions possible to retain more content.

•Exam oriented coverage of surgical topics with inclusion of frequently asked Multiple Choice Questions.

•Convenient division of the subject of surgery into concise chapters.

•Written by widely acclaimed, awarded and credible authors.

About the author
By Sudhir Jain and Raman Tanwar
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ISBN: 9788131250228
Page Count: 732
Retail Price : £30.07