New Edition
Quick Review Series for B.Sc. Nursing: 2nd Year,
Edition 1
By Annu Kaushik

Publication Date: 20 Aug 2018

QRS for BSc Nursing 2nd Year is an extremely exam-oriented book. The book contains a collection of solved questions, frequently asked, clubbed under the subject wise heading. The question papers from over a span of last 10 years from various Universities will be scanned and most frequently asked questions and those units which carry more weightage in INC Syllabus will be selected.

The book will serve the requirements of students to prepare for their examinations.

Key Features

    • Subject-Wise collection of different category questions like Long Essay, Short Answers, and Objective Type & Viva Voce type questions
    • Pont wise answers
    • Use of Mnemonics facilitating studying.
    • Use of tables and flowcharts.
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By Annu Kaushik
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ISBN: 9788131252178
Page Count: 758
Illustrations : 100 illustrations
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