Elsevier Clinical Skills Manual, Child Health Nursing, 1SAE,
Edition 1
Edited by Smriti Prof. (Dr.) Arora

Publication Date: 20 May 2020

The South Asia edition of Elsevier Clinical Skills Manual: Child Health Nursing has got the original content from the Elsevier Clinical Skills website and adapted to suit the B.Sc. Nursing curricula of South Asian countries. The content quality and suitability to the South Asian curricula has been validated by renowned experts and faculty members.

This comprehensive book will help B.Sc. Nursing students to clear their concepts about various pediatric nursing procedures. This perfect clinical guidebook can also be used by nursing officers working in pediatric settings to update their knowledge and skill.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with the new syllabus prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council
  • Content organized in sections and chapters, text presented in points
  • Steps of procedures are based on current and best practices
  • Chapter content presented under heads like Overview, Supplies, Child and Family Education, Assessment and Preparation, Procedure, Monitoring and Care, Expected Outcomes, and Documentation
  • Content richly supported by figures and tables
  • Latest guidelines related to hand hygiene and CPR, recommended by WHO and American Academy of Pediatrics, have been added
  • Videos related to the procedures available on the MedEnact website
About the author
Edited by Smriti Prof. (Dr.) Arora
Table of Contents
  1. Asepsis Basics
  2. Neonatal Resuscitation
  3. APGAR score
  4. New Ballard Score
  5. Newborn Examination
  6. Essential Newborn Care
  7. Kangaroo Mother Care
  8. Care of Baby Under Phototherapy
  9. Care of Baby in Radiant Warmer
  10. Pediatric History Taking and Physical Examination
  11. Developmental Assessment
  12. Nutritional Assessment
  13. Restraint Application
  14. Specimen Collection
  15. Medication Administration: Oral
  16. Medication Administration: Eye
  17. Medication Administration: Ear Drops
  18. Medication Administration: Rectal
  19. Medication Administration: Enema
  20. Medication Administration: Metered-Dose Inhaler
  21. Nebulization
  22. Injections
  23. Medicine and Fluid Calculation
  24. Use of Syringe Pump
  25. Oxygen Administration
  26. Chest Physiotherapy: Postural Drainage with Percussion and Vibration
  27. Endotracheal Tube Suctioning
  28. Tracheostomy Tube Suctioning
  29. Care of Chest Tube
  30. Exchange Transfusion
  31. Blood Transfusion
  32. Blood Glucose Monitoring
  33. Feeding Tube: Enteral Nutrition Administration
  34. Gastric Lavage
  35. Ostomy Care
  36. Wound: Cleansing, Irrigating, and Dressing
  37. Staple Removal
  38. Urinary Catheter: Suprapubic Catheter Care
  39. Lumbar Puncture
  40. Seizure Precautions
  41. Haemodialysis
  42. Fall Prevention
  43. Pediatric BLS
  44. Preoperative Care
  45. Postoperative Care: Immediate Recovery Period
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Page Count: 214
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