Craig’s Restorative Dental Materials: First South Asia Edition,
Edition 1 Craig's Restorative Dental Materials
By Ronald L. Sakaguchi, DDS, PhD, MS, MBA, John M. Powers, PhD and Jack Ferracane, PhD

Publication Date: 30 Jul 2018

Master the use of dental materials with this all-in-one guide to restorative materials and procedures! Craig’s Restorative Dental Materials, First South Asia Edition covers everything you need to know to understand the science of selecting dental materials when designing and fabricating restorations. It begins with fundamentals and moves on to advanced skills in the manipulation of dental materials, providing insight on the latest advances and research along the way. From an expert author team led by Ronald Sakaguchi, this comprehensive resource is considered to be the standard in the field of dental restorations.

Key Features

Clear, design-focused approach provides an essential understanding of the fast-changing field of restorative dental materials. Comprehensive coverage ranges from fundamental concepts to advanced skills, detailing everything you need to know to select dental materials when designing and fabricating restorations. More than 300 full-color illustrations show clinical detail with clarity and realism. Logical organization arranges chapters by major clinical procedures. Practical examples show the fundamental properties and characteristics of materials and demonstrate how basic principles relate to clinical applications.

About the author
By Ronald L. Sakaguchi, DDS, PhD, MS, MBA, Associate Dean for Technology and Innovation Professor, Biomaterials & Biomechanics Department of Restorative Dentistry Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR, USA; John M. Powers, PhD, Senior Vice President and Editor, The Dental Advisor, Dental Consultants, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan; Professor of Oral Biomaterials, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials, University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston, Houston, Texas and Jack Ferracane, PhD, Department of Restorative Dentistry School of Dentistry Oregon Health & Science University Portland, Oregon 13655 S W 32ND STREET BEAVERTON, OR 97008 United States
Table of Contents

1. Role and Significance of Restorative Dental Materials2. The Oral Environment3. Materials-Centered Treatment Design4. Fundamentals of Materials Science5. Testing of Dental Materials and Biomechanics6. Biocompatibility and Tissue Reaction to Biomaterials7. General Classes of Biomaterials8. Preventative and Intermediary Materials9. Restorative Materials: Resin Composites and Polymers10. Restorative Materials: Metals11. Restorative Materials: Ceramics12. Restorative Materials: Impression and Casting13. Materials for Adhesion and Luting14. Digital Imaging and Processing for Restorations15. Dental and Orofacial Implants16. Tissue EngineeringAppendix: Conversion of Units

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Page Count: 354
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