New Edition
Management of Nursing Services and Education,
Edition 3
By Clement I

Publication Date: 16 Oct 2020

Implementing quality nursing education leads to more effective nursing care and satisfied patients. With completely updated content, this third edition of Management of Nursing Services and Education is aimed at 4th-year nursing students, helping them to administer quality care in all nursing care settings.This book provides comprehensive coverage of all the essential components, processes and techniques that help student nurses acquire the skills needed for multitasking roles such as nurse manager, nurse administrator and nurse educator.

Key Features

  • Strict adherence to the Indian Nursing Council (INC) syllabus
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive coverage that is also concise and well structured
  • Dual treatments of concepts: both theoretical and applied
  • Lucid style with simple language for ease of comprehension
  • Student-friendly presentation: short sentences presented in list form, with ample tables, figures and charts
  • End-of-chapter questions, including multiple choice questions, keeping the examination perspective in view

New Features

  • New updated content has been added in all chapters.
  • Recent management techniques have been added in several chapters.
  • Outdated content has been replaced, retaining what is required.
  • All chapters have been refined and revised
About the author
By Clement I
Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to management in nursing 2

Section 2 Management process

CHAPTER 2 Planning 38

CHAPTER 3 Staffing 57

CHAPTER 4 Human resource management 74

CHAPTER 5 Budgeting 106

CHAPTER 6 Material management 126

CHAPTER 7 Direction (leading) 144

CHAPTER 8 Controlling: Quality management 155

CHAPTER 9 Programme evaluation and review technique 167

Section 3 Management of nursing services in hospital and community

CHAPTER 10 Hospitals, patient care units and ward management 183

CHAPTER 11 Emergency and disaster management 204

CHAPTER 12 Human resource management in hospital and community services 225

CHAPTER 13 Categorizing nursing personnel 236

CHAPTER 14 Patient/population assessment and nursing care responsibilities 258

CHAPTER 15 Staff development and welfare 272

CHAPTER 16 Budgeting for hospital and community management 282

CHAPTER 17 Material management in hospital and community services 293

CHAPTER 18 Directing/leading in hospital and community services 305

CHAPTER 19 Assignment, rotation, and delegation 315

CHAPTER 20 Supervision and guidance 325

CHAPTER 21 Nursing standards and policies (procedures and practices) 340

CHAPTER 22 Maintenance of discipline 351

CHAPTER 23 Evaluation and documentation 360

CHAPTER 24 Performance appraisal 388

Section 4 Organizational behaviour and human relations

CHAPTER 25 Organizational structure and behaviour 401

CHAPTER 26 Review of channels of communication 419

CHAPTER 27 Leadership styles 433

CHAPTER 28 Review of motivation: Concepts and theories 449

CHAPTER 29 Group dynamics 463

CHAPTER 30 Techniques of communication and interpersonal relationships 477

CHAPTER 31 Human relations 493

CHAPTER 32 Public relations in context of nursing 507

CHAPTER 33 Collective bargaining and professional associations 516

Section 5 In-service education

CHAPTER 34 In-service education 534

CHAPTER 35 Adult education/learning 550

Section 6 Management of nursing educational institutions

CHAPTER 36 Establishment of nursing educational institutions 560

CHAPTER 37 Curriculum and documentation 613

Section 7 Nursing as a profession

CHAPTER 38 Nursing as a profession 634

Section 8 Professional advancement

CHAPTER 39 Continuing education and career opportunities 675

CHAPTER 40 Collective bargaining 688

CHAPTER 41 Research activities: Membership, participation and publications 698

Appendix: Management terminology 713

Index 717

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