New Edition
Clinical and Practical Paediatrics,
Edition 2 Including Neonatology and Adolescent Medicine
By Harish Pemde, Vikram Datta and Kamlesh Harish

Publication Date: 10 Mar 2022

This invaluable reference is designed to fulfill the immediate need of undergraduates and residents to learn the nuances of case presentation, examination, and viva-voce in a simple and concise manner. It provides most aspects of clinical and practical paediatrics with the required understanding of various important and common diseases in children through "real" cases.

Key Features

• Updated and mapped content as per the latest clinical guidelines and competency-based curriculum

• Describes clinical aspects, appropriate investigations, and management in a concise manner for easy retention and reference during the clinical exam

• A chapter on COVID-19 in children

• Includes new topics on EEG, ECG, echocardiography, and CT/MRI in an easy-to-learn format

• Provides communication strategies for counseling the patients or families

• Enhances practical learning of paediatrics through

• Charts on growth in children, blood pressure, and neonatal resuscitation

• Chapters on X-rays, laboratory reports including those of EEG, echocardiography, CT and MRI, drug doses, and instruments

• Added many pictures, tables, boxes, and flow diagrams to enable easy registration and recall of the clinical aspects

• Complimentary digital resources available on MedEnact

About the author
By Harish Pemde; Vikram Datta and Kamlesh Harish, Medical Superintendent of ESIC
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ISBN: 9788131257715
Page Count: 562
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