New Edition
Undergraduate Manual of Clinical Cases in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 2ed,
Edition 2
By N.HEPHZIBAH KIRUBAMANI, Nalini A.P Alexander and R Premalatha

Publication Date: 24 Jun 2021

Key Features

• Exhibits a concise approach while helping students to understand the importance of history taking, physical examination and arriving at clinical diagnosis of common obstetrics & gynaecology cases.

• Describes clinical aspects, appropriate investigations and management in a concise manner for easy retention and reference during the clinical exam.

• Dedicated section for history taking, case sheet writing, viva voce questions supported with photographs of clinical importance, specimens, instruments and USG images.

• Includes procedures and examinations in a step-by-step manner along with surgery steps accompanied with color photographs and illustrations for better understanding and retention of concepts.

• Key points and FAQ’s at the end of each chapter to help in in-depth understanding of the subject.

• Key facts/ information summarized in boxes and tables help in quick grasp and revision.

• Includes lecture presentations on important topics such as Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Anaemia in Pregnancy, Prolonged labor etc., along with procedural videos on topics like Antenatal Examination, Papsmear to supplement learning.

• Complementary ebook.

New Features

• Updated and mapped content as per the latest clinical guidelines and competency-based curriculum.

• Chapter on ethics, communication and informed consent, discharge summary and referral letter in sync with competency-based curriculum.

• Expansion of sections including history and clinical examination, instruments and specimens – contraception and family planning, counselling, commonly used drugs, CTG, USG and viva voce questions; addition of cases on amniotic fluid disorder, medical termination of pregnancy, Urinary Tract Infection.

• Addition of approximately 60 clinical photographs.

• Self-directed learning included with relevant case scenarios at the end of every chapter.

• Includes digital ancillaries such as videos on ARM, Copper T removal, Pelvic assessment, Placental delivery, D&C, Multiload

insertion, Counsellings and consultations, Normal vaginal delivery and many more.

About the author
By N.HEPHZIBAH KIRUBAMANI; Nalini A.P Alexander and R Premalatha
Table of Contents


Medical Ethics

Guidelines for Effective Clinical Communication

Medical Certificate


Guidelines for Informed Consent

Template for Discharge Summary

Template for Referral Note


CASE 1 Obstetric History Taking and Examination

CASE 2 Normal Pregnancy

CASE 3 A Case of Anaemia Complicating Pregnancy

CASE 4 A Case of Hypertension in Pregnancy

CASE 5 A Case of Prolonged (Post-Term) Pregnancy

CASE 6 A Case of Pregnancy Following Caesarean Section

CASE 7 A Case of Heart Disease Complicating Pregnancy

CASE 8 A Case of Malpresentation

CASE 9 A Case of Multiple Pregnancy

CASE 10 A Case of Rh-Negative Pregnancy

CASE 11 A Case of Cephalopelvic Disproportion

CASE 12 A Case of Diabetes Complicating Pregnancy

CASE 13 A Case of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

CASE 14 A Case of Fetal Growth Restriction

CASE 15 Normal Puerperium and Postnatal Care

CASE 16 Amniotic Fluid Disorders

CASE 17 Viva Voce Examination in Obstetrics (Oral Exam)


CASE 1 Gynaecological History Taking and Examination

CASE 2 A Case of Vaginal Discharge

CASE 3 A Case of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

CASE 4 A Case of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

CASE 5 A Case of Fibroid Uterus

CASE 6 A Case of Cancer of the Cervix

CASE 7 A Case of Infertility

CASE 8 A Case of Primary Amenorrhoea

CASE 9 A Case of Secondary Amenorrhoea

CASE 10 A Case of Ovarian Tumour

CASE 11 A Case of Postmenopausal Bleeding Per Vaginum

CASE 12 A Case of Urinary Incontinence

CASE 13 Viva Voce Examination in Gynaecology


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