New Edition
Concise Textbook of Physiology,
Edition 4
By Indu Khurana and Ayushi Khurana

Publication Date: 06 Jul 2022
Fourth edition of CONCISE TB OF PHYSIOLOGY incorporates thoroughly revised and updated text. The text has been
organized into 11 sections, and each section has been further subdivided into chapters. The content has been arranged in
such a way that it provides explanation complimented by numerous tables, flowcharts and abundant illustrations.

Key Features

• Complete and up-to-date text
• Illustrated by more than 1000 clear line diagrams
• Complemented with numerous tables and flowcharts for quick comprehension
• Balanced amalgamation of pure and applied text
• Applied aspects, highlighted in boxes.
• Additional important information has been highlighted as important notes
• For self-assessment of the subject, the questionnaire and viva-voce questions are given at the end of each chapter
as self-assessment
About the author
By Indu Khurana and Ayushi Khurana
Table of Contents

SECTION I General Physiology

1.1 functional Organization, Composition and Internal Environment of Human Body

1.2 The Cell Physiology

1.3 Transport Through Cell Membrane

1.4 Membrane Potential

SECTION II Nerve Muscle Physiology

2.1 The Nerve

2.2 Neuromuscular Junction

2.3 Skeletal Muscle

2.4 Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle

SECTION III Blood and Immune System

3.1 Plasma and Plasma Proteins

3.2 Red Blood Cells and Anaemias

3.3 White Blood Cells

3.4 Immune Mechanisms

3.5 Platelets, Haemostasis and Blood Coagulation

3.6 Blood Groups and Blood Transfusion

SECTION IV Cardiovascular System

4.1 Functional Anatomy of Heart and Physiology of Cardiac Muscle

4.2 Origin and Spread of Cardiac Impulse and Electrocardiography

4.3 Heart as a Pump: Cardiac Cycle, Cardiac Output and Venous Return

4.4 Dynamics of Circulation: Pressure and Flow of Blood and Lymph

4.5 Cardiovascular Regulation

4.6 Regional Circulation

4.7 Cardiovascular Homeostasis in Health and Disease

SECTION V Respiratory System

5.1 Respiratory Tract: Structure and Functions

5.2 Pulmonary Ventilation

5.3 Pulmonary Circulation

5.4 Pulmonary Diffusion

5.5 Transport of Gases

5.6 Regulation of Respiration

5.7 Respiration: Applied Aspects

5.8 Physiology of Exercise

SECTION VI Excretory System

6.1 Kidneys: Functional Anatomy and Blood Flow

6.2 Physiology of Excretory System

6.3 Physiology of Acid–Base Balance

6.4 Applied Renal Physiology Including Renal Function Tests

6.5 Physiology of Micturition

SECTION VII Gastrointestinal System

7.1 Organization, General Principles and Functions of Gastrointestinal System

7.2 Physiological Activities in Mouth, Pharynx and Esophagus

7.3 Physiological Activities in Stomach

7.4 Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder

7.5 Physiological Activities in Small Intestine

7.6 Physiological Activities in Large Intestine

7.7 Digestion and Absorption

SECTION VIII Endocrine System

8.1 General Principles of Endocrine System

8.2 Endocrinal Functions of Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland

8.3 Thyroid Gland

8.4 Endocrinal Control of Calcium Metabolism and Bone Physiology

8.5 Adrenal Glands

8.6 Pancreatic Hormones

8.7 Endocrine Functions of Other Organs and Local Hormones

SECTION IX Reproductive System

9.1 Sexual Growth and Development

9.2 Male Reproductive Physiology

9.3 Female Reproductive Physiology

9.4 Physiology of Pregnancy and Parturition

9.5 Physiology of Lactation

9.6 Physiology of Contraception

SECTION X Nervous System

10.1 Central Nervous System

10.2 Synaptic Transmission

10.3 Somatosensory System

10.4 Somatic Motor System

10.5 Autonomic Nervous System

10.6 Meninges, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Blood–Brain Barrier and Cerebral Blood Flow

10.7 Limbic System and Physiology of Emotional, Behavioural and Motivational Mechanisms

10.8 Reticular Formation, Electrical Activity of the Brain, and Alert Behaviour and Sleep

10.9 Some Higher Functions of Nervous System

SECTION XI Special Senses

11.1 Sense of Vision

11.2 Sense of Hearing

11.3 Chemical Senses: Smell and Taste

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