Textbook of Medical Biochemistry,
Edition 5
By Dinesh Puri

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2022

The fifth edition of this book is thoroughly revised and updated as per guidelines of NMC in accordance with the competency-based curriculum of Biochemistry. It focuses primarily on clarity of the fundamental concepts with a logical sequence of events that aids learning. The organization of content in this profusely illustrated book provides the essential knowledge of biochemistry without extraneous details.

Authentic resource material for undergraduate medical students, NEXT, USMLE, PLAB, etc.

Key Features

• Extensively revised and updated all chapters, in line with recommendations of CBME and subject requirement.

• Important points have been threaded throughout the text in yellow boxes, reemphasizing the core concepts.

• Selected advanced learning concepts are highlighted in blue boxes or enclosed in numbered boxes for postgraduate students and inquisitive undergraduates.

• Nearly all figures have been modified or redrawn to make reading soothing for better retention.

• Inclusion of new questions at the end of book for self-assessment of the topics studied.

• Clinical cases along with case discussions – important pillar of the CBME are presented for problem-based learning and knowledge.

New Features

• Addition of new chapter on Processing and Targeting of Proteins.

• Systematically modified chapters on Cancer; Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering; Molecular Biology: Eukaryotic Gene Expression; Immunology; Organ Function Tests; Carbohydrates and Lipid Metabolism; and Energy Metabolism and Nutrition to cater to various competencies recommended by new curriculum.

• Inclusion of clinical boxes in each chapter highlighting horizontal- and vertical integration of topics to foster solid understanding.

• Enriched text with additional new line diagrams, clinical photographs, tables and boxes for easy understanding and reproducibility.

• Multiple-choice questions have been given chapterwise to evaluate the level of understanding and memory recall of the students.


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By Dinesh Puri
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