Applied Sociology for Nurses,
Edition 3
By Shama Lohumi and Rakesh Lohumi

Publication Date: 15 Dec 2022

This book has been written keeping in view the specific requirements of undergraduate nursing students and it fully covers the new syllabus prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council. Although it primarily aims at catering to the curricular needs of B.Sc. Nursing students, it will also be immensely useful for degree students of various other streams studying sociology. The basic concepts have been explained in unambiguous terms from the students’ point of view. Sociological aspects relevant to nursing have been dealt with in detail wherever necessary so that students not only learn the subject but also are able to make practical use of the acquired knowledge in profession. Applied aspects of Sociology as per the new syllabus has been covered in the book.

Key Features


  • Written with a view to fulfilling the curricular needs of student nurses as per the revised INC Curriculum.
  • A new section on Clinical Sociology (Unit VIII, comprising 3 chapters), as per the new syllabus, added.
  • Includes substantially new approaches/aspects on various aspects.
  • Covers latest events like social fallout of COVID-19 pandemic and the law banning triple talaq.
  • Contains short answer and long answer exam-oriented questions at the end of chapters.
  • Additional multiple-choice questions to help students have a firm grasp on the subject.
About the author
By Shama Lohumi and Rakesh Lohumi
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ISBN: 9788131266021
Page Count: 415
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