Introduction to Precise Numerical Methods,
Edition 2
By Oliver Aberth

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2007

Precise numerical analysis may be defined as the study of computer methods for solving mathematical problems either exactly or to prescribed accuracy. This book explains how precise numerical analysis is constructed. The book also provides exercises which illustrate points from the text and references for the methods presented.

Key Features

  • Clearer, simpler descriptions and explanations of the various numerical methods
  • Two new types of numerical problems; accurately solving partial differential equations with the included software and computing line integrals in the complex plane
About the author
By Oliver Aberth, Texas A & M University, College Station, U.S.A.
Book details
ISBN: 9780123738592
Page Count: 272
Retail Price : £55.99
Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition, Hoffman, CRC Press, May 2001, $94.95., 840 pages
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations, Butcher, Wiley, July 2003, $131.59, 440 pages
Numerical Methods, Faires & Burden, Brooks Cole, June 2002, $137.95, 640 pages
Beginning classes in Numerical Analysis taught out of Computer Science or Engineering Departments. Also Math Departments where it is taught to students of other disciplines. European technical schools and universities, especially Germany, would have strong interest in a book on interval arithmetic. The guaranteed accuracy of this software makes it very desirable for engineers and scientists who need to solve numerical problems in their work