The IT / Digital Legal Companion,
Edition 1 A Comprehensive Business Guide to Software, IT, Internet, Media and IP Law
By Gene K. Landy and Amy J. Mastrobattista

Publication Date: 27 Jun 2008
The IT/Digital Legal Companion is a comprehensive business and legal guidance covering intellectual property for digital business; digital contract fundamentals; open source rules and strategies; development, consulting and outsourcing; software as a service; business software licensing, partnering, and distribution; web and Internet agreements; privacy on the Internet; digital multimedia content clearance and distribution; IT standards; video game development and content deals; international distribution; and user-created content, mash-ups, MMOGs, and web widgets.

Chapters deal with topics such as copyrights on the Internet, for software protection and around the world; trademarks and domain names; patents and digital technology companies; trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements; confidentiality, rights transfer, and non-competition agreements for employees; introduction to digital product and service contracts; a pragmatic guide to open source; IT services - development, outsourcing, and consulting; beta test agreements; commercial end-user agreements; terms of use for web sites and online applications; privacy and use of personal data; digital technology standards - opportunities, risks, and strategies; content for digital media; and deals in the web and mobile value chains.

This book is intended for executives, entrepreneurs, finance and business development officers; technology and engineering officers; marketers, licensing professionals, and technology professionals; in-house counsel; and anyone else that deals with software or digital technology in business.

Key Features

Comprehensive Business and Legal Guidance including

* Securing Intellectual Property for Digital Business
* Digital Contract Fundamentals
* Open Source Rules and Strategies
* Development, Consulting and Outsourcing
* Software as a Service
* Business Software Licensing, Partnering, and Distribution
* Web and Internet Agreements
* Privacy on the Internet
* Digital Multimedia Content Clearance and Distribution
* IT Standards
* Video Game Development and Content Deals
* International Distribution
* User-Created Content, Mash-Ups, MMOGs, and Web Widgets
* And Much More

Key Features:

* Up-to-the-Moment Legal Guide

* In Plain English

* Includes 38 Contract and Web Forms in the Book
About the author
By Gene K. Landy, Gene K. Landy is a shareholder of Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, P.C., Boston, MA, where he is the head of the firm's Technology Group. His practice covers domestic and international transactions for high technology businesses, from start-ups to publicly traded companies. His work includes licensing, intellectual property, technology transfer, business sales and acquisitions and investments. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Law School.; and Amy J. Mastrobattista, Editing and additional content supplied by Amy J. Mastrobattista, a graduate of Smith College and New York University Law School. Amy is a shareholder at Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, PC and a member of the Technology Group. She is active in technology licensing, finance and corporate transactions. She was recognized as one of Boston’s Top 10 Lawyers by the Women’s Business Boston readers’ poll.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgement by Gene Landy
A Note from the Authors
About the Authors
About the Authors' Law Firm
Form Downloading Instructions
1 Introduction: Using this Book to Build Value
2 Digital Copyright Basics
3 Copyrights on the Internet, for Software Protection and Around the World
4 Tradmarks and Domain Names
5 Patents and Digital Technology Companies
6 Trade Secrets and Non-Disclosure Agreements
7 Confidentiality, Rights Transfer, and Non-Competition Agreements for Employees
8 Introduction to Digital Product and Service Contracts
9 A Pragmatic Guide to Open Source
10 IT Services--Development, Outsourcing, and Consulting
11 Beta Test Agreements
12 Commercial End-User Agreements
13 Software as a Service (SaaS)
14 Commercial Distribution--Part I
15 Commercial Distribution--Part II
16 Clickwraps and Browsewraps
17 Terms of Use for Web Sites and Online Applications
18 Privacy and Use of Personal Data
19 Digital Technology Standards--Opportunities, Risks, and Strategies
20 Content for Digital Media
21 Deals in the Web and Mobile Value Chains
22 Video Games! Developing Games and Doing Deals
23 Going Global--Doing Business in World Markets
24 United States Export Controls
25 Proactive Management of Your Legal Affairs
Forms Appendix
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executives, entrepreneurs, finance and business development officers, technology and engineering officers, marketers, licensing professionals, technology professionals, in-house counsel, and anyone else that deals with software or digital technology in business