Neuroanatomy Basics: A Clinical Guide,
Edition 1
By Mohammad Noureldine

Publication Date: 10 Jul 2017
A hands-on tool for medical students, Neuroanatomy Basics: A Clinical Guide covers key basic neuroanatomy material and the most important clinical correlations that a medical student is required to know. The book’s style is simple and features an array of figures/illustrations that will show the student what he/she has just studied. It will follow a breadcrumbs approach that relies heavily on images/figures. Relying on photographic memory is quite helpful in grasping ‘dry and rigid’ neuroanatomy concepts; hence, the large number of figures contained in the book. Students will not have to refer to an atlas or other references in order to grasp the book’s concepts. The peculiar order of sections will guide the student through the sequence of events/anatomical structures back and forth from cellular to structural levels, depending on the stimulus and response.
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By Mohammad Noureldine
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ISBN: 9780702075421
Page Count: 422
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