Supervision for Midwives,
Edition 1
By Kirkham

Publication Date: 11 Mar 1997
Table of Contents
Chapters include: 1. History of supervision: The Inspection of Midwives 1902-1936; Changes in the Context of Supervision 1930s-1974 2. The Purpose of Supervision: The UKCC perspective; The ENB perspective 3. Supervision as a Public Service: the nature
and value of supervision to childbearing women. 4. Examples of good practice: Caring for Carers in exeter; Enabling Midwives to Practice Better; The Midwife Teacher as Supervisor; Supervision and Practice Change; Maintianing Standards and Giving Support
5. Auditing Supervision 6. Research: Clinicians' Views of Supervision; Independent Midwives Views of Supervision; Midwives Perceptions of the Role of Supervisor. 7. Using the Experience of other Professions: A case for Clinical Supervision in
Midwifery; Reflection on the Supervision of Midwives in the Light of Experience of Supervision as a Psychotherapist.
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