Essentials of Medical Geology,
Edition 1 Impacts of the Natural Environment on Public Health
Edited by Olle Selinus

Publication Date: 25 Jan 2005
This authoritative reference volume emphasizes the importance and interrelationships of geological processes to the health and diseases of humans and animals. Its accessible format fosters better communication between the health and geoscience communities by elucidating the geologic origins and flow of toxic elements in the environment that lead to human exposure through the consumption of food and water. For example, problems of excess intake from drinking water have been encountered for several inorganic compounds, including fluoride in Africa and India; arsenic in certain areas of Argentina, Chile, and Taiwan; selenium in seleniferous areas in the U.S., Venezuela, and China; and nitrate in agricultural areas with heavy use of fertilizers. Environmental influences on vector borne diseases and stormflow water quality influences are also featured. Numerous examples of the environmental influences on human health from across the globe are also presented and discussed in this volume.

Key Features

* Covers recent advances and future research topics at the intersection of environmental science and public health* Developed by 60 experts from 20 countries and edited by professionals from the International Working Group on Medical Geology* Includes 200+ color photographs and illustrations* Organizes information in a highly structured format for easy reference* Written for a broad audience, ranging from students, researchers, and medical professionals to policymakers and the general public
About the author
Edited by Olle Selinus, Geological Survey of Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden
Table of Contents
1. Medical Geology: Perspective and Prospective
Brian Davies
Charlotte Bowman
Theo Davies
Olle Selinus

I. Environmental biology

Introduction to section. Ulf Lindh

2. Natural background
Robert Garrett

3. Anthropogenic sources
Ron Fuge

4. Uptake of elements from a chemical point of view
Robert J.B. Williams

5. Uptake of elements from a biological point of view
Ulf Lindh

6. Biological functions of the elements
Ulf Lindh

7. Geological impacts on nutrition
Gerald T. Combs

8. Deficiencies and toxicities of elements
Monica Nordberg
M. George Cherian

II. Pathways and exposures

Introduction to section. Ron Fuge

9. Volcanic emissions and health
Philip Weinstein
Angus Cook

10. Radon in air and water
Don Appleton

11. Arsenic in groundwater and the environment
Pauline Smedley
David G. Kinniburgh

12. Fluoride in natural waters – occurrence, controls and health aspects
Mike Edmunds
Pauline Smedley

13. Water hardness and health effects
Eva Rubenowitz-Lundin
Kevin M. Hiscock

14. The bioavailability of trace and major elements in soil
Brian Alloway

15. The natural environment - selenium deficiency and toxicity – process related diseases
Fiona Fordyce

16. Iodine geochemistry, soils and iodine deficiency
Ron Fuge

17. Geophagy and the involuntary ingestion of soil
Peter Abrahams

18. Natural aerosolic mineral dusts and human health: potential effects
Edward Derbyshire

19. An overview of the ecology of soil-borne human pathogens
Mark Bultman
Frederick S. Fisher
Demosthenes Pappagianis

20. Animals and medical geology
Bernt Jones

III. Environmental toxicology, pathology and medical geology
Introduction to section. Jose A. Centeno

21. Environmental epidemiology
Jesper B. Nielsen
Tina Kold Jensen

22. Environmental medicine
Jefferson Fowles
Philip Weinstein
Chin-Hsiao Tseng

23. Environmental pathology
Jose A. Centeno
Florabel G. Mullick
Kamal G. Ishak
Teri J. Franks
Allen P. Burke
Michael N. Koss
Daniel P. Pearl
Paul B. Tchounwou
Joseph P. Pestaner

24. Toxicology
Tee L. Guidotti

25. Speciation of trace elements: methods and public health
Bernhard Michalke
Sergio Caroli


Introduction to section. Robert B. Finkelman

26. Using geographic information systems (GIS) databases for human health studies
Joseph E. Bunnell
Alexander W. Karlsen
Timothy M. Shields
Robert B. Finkelman

27. Use of remote sensing and geographic information science techniques in the study of vector borne and zoonotic diseases
Stephen Guptill
Chester G. Moore

28. Mineralogy of bioapatites: bones, teeth and pathological deposits
Catherine W. Skinner

29. Inorganic and organic geochemistry techniques
Mitko Vutchkov
Gerald Lalor
Stephen Macko

30. Histochemical and microprobe analysis in medical geology
Jose A. Centeno
Todor Todorov
Joseph P. Pestanov
Wayne B. Jonas

31. Modeling ground-water flow and quality
Leonard F. Konikow
Pierre D. Glynn

A. International reference values
Peter Bobrowsky
Roger Paulen
Pauline Smedley
Brian Alloway
B. Glossary
C. Annottated URLs for chapter-related Websites of interest

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Page Count: 832
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Geologists, geochemists, soil scientists, hydrologists, medical practioners, toxicologists, public health workers, biochemists, veterinartians, physicists, nutritionists, environmental economists, and social scientists.

Academics, professionals, and governmental policy makers from around the world. Note: Authors of individual chapters are international (approx. 20 nations).