Clinical and Surgical Anatomy,
Edition 2
By Vishram Singh

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2006

In a clear and succinct style, this book highlights the anatomical basis of medicine and surgery. The book covers all the main branches of anatomy and adopts a unique problem-solving approach throughout the presentation. It discusses the commonly encountered problems from various areas of clinical medicine and surgery and explains the anatomical basis of these problems. The book thus provides a sound foundation leading to a richer understanding of clinical medicine and surgery. In this edition, the text has been thoroughly revised and all chapters have been updated.

Key Features

  • Chapter on Genetics, which presents an overview of the genesis of genetic diseases
  • Section: Surface Anatomy—enables easy comprehension of the location of deeper structures
  • Section: Imaging Anatomy—highlights the application of imaging in diagnosing medical and surgical problems
  • Section: Golden Facts—enumerates common clinical problems
  • Numerous line diagrams and halftones
  • Two-colour format that enhances clarity of line diagrams and facilitates an easier understanding of the structures.

All these features make this book an extremely useful text for UG medical students. PGs, residents as well as practicing physicians and surgeons would also find it a reliable and handy reference source

About the author
By Vishram Singh, Adjunct Visiting Faculty, KMC, Mangalore; Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka, India; Editor-in-chief, Journal of the Anatomical Society of India and Member of Federative International Committee for Scientific Publications (FICSP) of IFAA
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ISBN: 9788131203033
Page Count: 520
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